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Rejuvenation Treatments

Whether you want to combat the signs of aging, resolve problematic skin issues or simply maintain healthy skin,we can recommend a skincare program that will meet all of your needs.

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Aesthetic & Spa Treatments

Our holistic facials and peels are specifically customized with the client’s unique skin concerns in mind. The treatment utilizes varying levels of naturally occurring substances and organic acids that gently lifts away the top layers of dead dull skin cells.

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Oncology & Skincare Services

Standard spa facial treatments are not suitable for clients undergoing cancer treatments due to many contraindications. Our training in oncology skincare gives us insight on how to modify therapies to suit your needs.

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Studio Mood & Advanced Skincare

At Studio Mood, we believe that everyone can live beautifully. Your skin whispers eloquently in the universal language of life. And it lets the world know three things about you. Your age, your state of mind and health. It shows how much you care about yourself.

Our unique philosophy is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at their source, restoring beauty and wellness from the inside out.

Here at Studio MOOD, Tina McCaffrey approaches skincare with a holistic perspective that is focused on sustainable results.

As a valued guest, you are warmly welcomed into Tina’s one on one STUDIO MOOD refuge, where you are treated with complete and personal attention to your individual skin challenges, lifestyle and long term-priorities. Tina will talk with you about your goals for your skin health, formulating a treatment plan that’s based on a holistic, integrative approach from the inside out. Each facial is 100% customized, combining techniques and toxic free products that Tina chooses after a detailed intake and skin wellness analysis. So no matter if you have sensitive skin or skin challenges, the results is your authentic self at it’s most vibrant.

We exist to keep you feeling and looking beautiful inside and out.

Studio MOOD is a quaint, boutique salon located at 71 Main Street, (RTE 131) in Sturbridge, MA.
We are open by appointment only. So we may provide you with individual, one on one, personalized attention.
We believe that each guest deserves our undivided attention and personalized service.
We hold true to the pursuit of a beautiful life and to the science of skin.

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  • Last year I treated myself to laser hair removal on my bikini and underarms. No more ingrown hairs or razor rash. Best thing I every did. I was surprise how affordable it was.


  • I have been an acne suffer from the age of 16. For those of you who have had severe acne like me, you no how it effects your self-esteem. I tried everything under the sun including proactive with no results. Then I found Advanced Skincare. Tina at Advanced Skincare changes my life! Her knowledge and nurturing manner has control my acne for the last three years. Now I have my confidence back. Thank you Tina

    Kelly Malone,

  • Thanks to Tina and her monthly treatment, my adult acne is under control. No more covering it up with makeup. Thanks


  • I had experienced a horrible growth of facial hair from hormonal issues at a very young age. After several treatments, my problem areas were hair free. It made me feel more confident about myself. The money spent was worth it.


  • My skin has always been an issue. It took me a very long time to find someone who was knowledgeable in skincare but also could understand the complexity of proper skincare. When I came to Tina she genuinely cared about my concerns and really took the time so my skin looks it best. Going to Advanced Skincare for my skin issues has made me feel wonderful and it really does make a difference. Results are what make the difference with Tina!

    Christine Grier,

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Make-up is often not considered part of a skincare regime. We think differently, and lead the way in studio makeovers to ensure our clients are beautifully color matched, learn techniques that enhance and use minerals to protect the good you have achieved with your treatments.   Make -up Make-up application ...
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